V-1 Beauty Parlour
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About Us


We are proud to be one of Shamli’s premier beauty training schools. We offer a creative and modern learning atmosphere in motto and practice.

It is often said that beauty is rare to find. Well, Mr. Vipin could not agree less. According to her, beauty resides in each and every element surrounding us. We just need to open our eyes to it and become aware! Even a rose bud is beautiful! But we realize its true beauty only when it blossoms into a fully grown rose flower, each petal distinctly gorgeous! It is this thought that led Mr. Vipin to establish a beauty salon that has a history of three generations devoted to its purpose and she rightly named it ‘V-1’.

Established in 2018, V-1 Beauty Parlour today has a force of more than 30 skilled and certified employees with state of the art infrastructure and beauty services. The Salon offers a full range of services in the areas of hair care, skin care, hands and feet grooming and basic services like waxing and threading. It also offers special bridal/ pre-bridal packages a

long with beauty packages for special occasions in its endeavour to make the beauty in you come alive at all times.

V-1 Academy is an exclusive training institution associated with “V-1 Beauty Parlour”, the largest and most popular beauty Parlour of Shamli Uttar Pradesh for the last year. Beauty is the largest growing industry in the world. Gone are the days when women wanted to look their best only on their wedding day.

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