V-1 Beauty Parlour


V-1 Beauty Parlour is equipped with high-tech equipments and gadgets and employs well trained & experienced faculty in order to generate highly skilled, perfectly trained and creative beauty experts.

During the course of this program, students will witness demonstrations from our team of dedicated educators followed by interactive workshop sessions where they will work closely with our team on live models. Our trainers will constantly assess and observe the progress of each student individually and offer valuable feedback at every stage of the training.

Diploma in Complete Beauty Culture

Learn basic and advance knowledge of all beauty services,
complete Make-up Skills, skin Treatments, Hair Styling, Nail
Art, Mehandi art, body art, diet and salon management.
Duration : 1 year
Investment : Rs. 1,10,000/-

Diploma in Mehandi, Nail & Body Art

Learn different types of Mehandi, body painting and Nail design with various Techniques, colours, shades & glitters.
Duration : 1 months
Investment : Rs. 10,000/-

Diploma Course in Hair & Beauty Therapies

Learn basic & advance beauty service,Hair styling, Hair cuts, hair Colouring, Make-up, Saree tying with skin & Hair Treatments.
Duration : 6 months
Investment : Rs. 20,000/- 

Diploma in Permanent Make-up

Learn permanent make-up for eyebrows, Lipstick, Eyeliner,
Beauty Spots, Leucoderma Patches and techniques to curl
eye lashes permanently.  

Duration : 1 month
Investment Rs. 25000/-

Diploma in Basic Beauty

Skin anatomy & physiology, head to
 top beauty services, diet and make-up.
 Duration : 3 months.
  Investment :Rs.20,000/-

Diploma in Thermolysis

Learn theoretical and practical knowledge to remove unwanted Hair permanently.
Duration : 15 days
Investment : Rs. 6,000/-

Diploma in Basic Hair Dressing & Cutting

Hair anatomy, Hair cuts, 25 Hair styles, Straightening
Perming, Henna, Head Massage
 Duration : 3 months
 Investments : Rs. 20,000/-

Diploma in Skin & Hair Treatment

Learn about the symptoms, causes & techniques to treat
various skin & hair problems & obesity. Get complete knowledge of latest equipments used in various skin, hair
and slimming treatments. Also learn all types of advance
Duration : 1 month
Investment : Rs. 20,000/

Diploma in Advance Hair Cut

 Learn creative and artistic Hair cuts.According to the Texture, Density,Growth of Hair and shapes of the faces
  Duration : 3 months
  Investment : Rs. 20,000/ 

Diploma in Aroma therapy Massage & Aromatic Treatment

Duration : 1 month
Investment : Rs. 10,000/-

Diploma in Advance Hair Styling

Learn 50 different kinds of hair styles.According to the face & occasion, and create many out of it.

Duration : 1 months
Investment : Rs. 10,000/

Certification In Personal Course

Self waterproof and corrective make-up for office, parties or any occasion along with 3 hair styles & Saree tying.
Duration: 1 week
Investment: Rs. 3,000/-

Diploma in Basic + Advance Colouring

Theoretical & practical knowledge for all types of hair colouring techniques of different brands & their colour theory.

Duration : 1 months
Investment : 10,000/

Certificate In Saree Tying

Learn many kinds of traditional and designer style of sarees, Lehanga and Chunni tying.
Duration: 15 days
Investment Rs.2500/-

Diploma in Professional Make-up

Learn waterproof & corrective make-up for brides,party, stills, films, stage etc.
Duration : 1 months
Investment : 25,000/-

Certificate In Personal Grooming

Self threading, waxing, manicure, pedicure, facial,
Bleaching, basic make-up, Saree tying and Hair styling. 

Duration: 12 hour.
Investment Rs.3000/-